One-on-One Youth Training

Sports Training

youth sports training

Young athletes of different sports have different physical goals and demands. We equip young athletes with foundational skill sets that allow them to achieve greater speed, quickness, agility and/or strength whilst reducing the chance of injury. Our youth fitness trainers can help young athletes enhance their multi-directional and multi-planar patterns by focusing on the following:

  • Force production and absorption (jumping, landing, strength)
  • Angles of force (acceleration, deceleration)
  • Movement economy (speed, agility, strength)
  • Correct faulty movement patterns and other potential issues that may cause "energy leaks" or reduced performance
  • Improve strength and neuromuscular coordination through basic strength training
  • Improve mobility and tissue quality – essential components to athleticism

Weight Issues

youth weight issues

It is sometimes challenging for children to maintain a healthy weight these days due to TV, video games, web surfing and the plethora of unhealthy food options readily available. While we don't focus on scale weight, we do believe that healthy habits including exercise and sound nutrition are essential to child fitness. We have the tools to help your child gain the confidence to partake in physical activity and work closely with you and your child to find the best strategies for healthy eating – no matter how busy you are.


post cancer training

Physical activity (both structured and unstructured) and healthy eating are the most formidable and cost-effective interventions towards counteracting the potential adverse effects of post-remission treatment. In addition, research has shown that physical activity has significant potential to improve the general livelihood of cancer survivors. We truly believe that the right kind of physical activity and eating patterns can impart immense physical, psychological and emotional benefit for those children affected by leukemia and other cancers. Our trainers will design a program that has the appropriate level of activity and which encourages a return to a healthy lifestyle for cancer survivors.

Special Needs

youth special needs training

If your child struggles with physical or psychological issues we can help. Exercise is one of the most effective therapies for children affected by limitations. Our trainers will design a program that is tailored to the specific needs and likes of the child. We will create an environment that will allow them to stay positive while keeping them appropriately challenged. Your child will learn and thrive and, most importantly, they will have fun!

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