How my Client LOST Weight on a Cruise Ship: 3 Simple Rules

How my Client LOST Weight on a Cruise Ship: 3 Simple Rules

There is likely no easier place to pack on pounds then on a cruise ship. Think about it: you’re confined to a relatively small space with literally millions of calories within arms-reach. Clearly this is a recipe for walking off that ship heavier than when you walked on it.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

In fact, I had a client who went on a 3 WEEK cruise and LOST 4 lbs. Admittedly, we were both surprised at his progress as the goal was simply NOT to GAIN any weight.

Here are the 3 simple rules I prescribed before he set sail.

  1. 2 Glasses of Wine: Keep the wine to 2 and under glasses per day. My client enjoys his wine – nothing wrong with that, however the calories can add up. 2 glasses is moderate, not a massive calorie hit AND it contains polyphenols and other anti-oxidants.
  2. Protein and veggie meals: Too much variety can be a downfall. However, when there is a good variety of meat, poultry, fish and veggies, it helps keep the food intake healthy - lower calorie and adequately high in protein. Make most of the meals and snacks higher in protein and keep the glycemic carbs to a minimum.
  3. 10,000 steps: My client was equipped with a pedometer.  And while he didn’t quite get the 10,000 step goal, he did do above and beyond what he normally would have. This extra activity will help burn extra calories.

The best part is he did not feel deprived, hungry or like he was missing out on anything.  So, the next time your going on a cruise or to an all-inclusive, remember these three simple rules and you just might come home a few pounds lighter.