Random Rants V: Posthumous snubs, Blogs I like, Mike on the radio, Skinny Bastard is Deplorable

Random Rants V:  Posthumous snubs, Blogs I like, Mike on the radio, Skinny Bastard is Deplorable

1.  Ode to the Forgotten Deceased:  Needless to say I’m saddened by the death of Michael Jackson.  As a child of the 80’s, he will leave an indelible mark on the musical and cultural scene with his unsurpassed talent.  Given that there were some other notable passing’s, I feel it time to recognize those who have deceased around the same time as someone more famous and hence didn’t get their due recognition.

Recently:  Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, David Carradine.

Last year:  Brad Renfro – absolutely brilliant actor who died days before Heath Ledger.  I didn’t hear of Renfro’s death until a couple of months ago.  He lost a battle with drugs. 

1997:  Mother Theresa – passed on right around the time of Princess Diana.  There was perhaps no human being more compassionate than she. 


On Brad Renfro – here is a video of his last interview before his death.  At 25 he looked like a man way older – bloated and noticeably ailing.  A very compelling argument to stay away from drugs.

Brad Renfro: Last Interview

2.  Blogs I like:  I have to admit I had only started hearing of Nia Shanks just recently.  Her name alone sound like she should be on American Gladiators.  Turns out she is strong enough to be one of them.  At just over a buck 20, she probably warms up with your max, guys.  Physical prowess aside, Nia puts out some seriously awesome content.  I highly recommend checking out her blog The Fat Solutions where Nia drops knowledge bombs and encourages gals to “get strong” amongst other things. 

3.  My Radio Interview:  People have always told me I have a face for radio.  I’m not sure what that means, but anyway… had the pleasure to speak with a gentleman who I feel like I’ve known for years but only met in person last year. His name is Jesse Dylan and he is the host of the Good Life Show and former morning terrestrial radio show personality.We talked about the importance of mindset changes and simple strategies to implement for enhanced health. I was honoured to be a part of a show that included Dr. Chris Mohr – a world renowned nutritional expert and co-author of the Platinum Workout with none other than LL Cool J. Oh, and the *Dalai Lama was also on. I’ll provide an audio link when it comes available.

4.  Ladies -What is “too bulky”:  A really engaging discussion took place on my buddy Leigh Peele’s site last week.Check it out and feel free to add your thoughts.  It is fascinating to see the diversity of opinions on what women consider “too bulky”.

<5.  The Worst Diet Book Ever?Another gem from Peelesville was Leigh’s review of The Skinny Bastard Diet. Yes, from the same ladies who brought you the Skinny Bitch” diet. Upon reading Leigh’s scathing review, I had to see it for myself. Upon skimming through the book at my local Chapters, I had to stop reading as I was feeling the urge to light my face on fire and jump through the second floor plate glass window.I even wrote a review on Amazon.  Summarily, I told women that buying this book for their man should result in the immediate filing for divorce.   

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