Random Rants VI: A movie review, the exercise everybody should be doing, Gwyn still popping off.

Random Rants VI:  A movie review,  the exercise everybody should be doing, Gwyn still popping off.
  1. It was long overdue but I finally penned a review for Bigger, Stronger, Faster for diet blog. In short, it is a brilliantly made documentary that examines the cultural obsession of performance enhancement, aesthetics and the desire to either be or watch larger than life. The film circles around the lives of 3 brothers who started lifting weights so they could emulate their heroes such as; Hulk Hogan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Read my review here.
  2. Anyone else tired of hearing authors telling us that “not all fat is bad” like they’ve just discovered penicillin?
  3. More dietary stupidity from Gwyn: Another say, another stupid dietary strategy from Gwyneth Paltrow. I admit, I break Gwyn off quite a bit, but she puts it right on the tee for me. If I want advice about riding your parents coattails to fame, score a sensitive British rock star or how to pick the right fruit to name your child after – Gwyn’s the girl. But please, Gwynny – for the love of Pete stop doling out dietary advice. Here’s the latest detox plan.
  4. The exercise everybody should be doing: Wall slides or wall angels. This exercise has a multitude of application – particularly for those who do a lot of sitting. The most prominent postural deviation in the upper body include a head forward/chin-jutting and rounded shoulders. Wall slides help target these trouble spots by simultaneously strengthening the muscles that are weak whilst stretching out the tight muscles that are contributing to the “Neolithic” posture. Here’s a short video clip (not mine). Wall slides
  5. Have you lost weight? Beware of “phantom fat”: Read about it here.
  6. Picking your spots: A crucial way to reaching your body fat and health goals is to have the right mindset. Part of that means “picking your spots” whereby you look ahead to your day and seize those opportunities to exercise, shop, cook or just relax. If you train yourself to consistently think this way, you will be successful.
  7. Don’t wait until fall! It is tempting to just “take the summer off:” your body composition goals. After all, you have barbecues, vacations and other long weekends to attend – most of which involve copious amounts of food and in some cases adult beverages. Re-train your brain to enjoy responsibly. Take the opportunities of warmer weather to get in more walks, bikes, hikes park workouts and sports. Use this opportunity to shop at farmers markets and enjoy the bounty of the in-season produce.