The Sensible Middle Part #1: In Defence of Calories

The Sensible Middle Part #1:  In Defence of Calories

Context… If I had to use a single word to describe the most formidable missing link in just about every nutrition and training claim, it would be “context”. Truth be told, context requires longer, more complex explanations and hence doesn’t sell very well, whilst bold proclamations, blanket statements and polarization does. Read about any hotly debated topic in the realm of nutritional and training and you get an either/or proposition – a dichotomous framework that oversimplifies at best and gives erroneous and false information at worse.  

My aim then is to dawn the neutral coloured goggles, sift through the murky waters and poop-slinging and provide some evidence-based and practical nuggets to take with you. Call it a “teach you how to fish” kind of series – instead of throwing information at you; I will attempt to guide you on how to think critically about these issues.

Without further ado, let’s get started on one of the more intensely debated topics in the world of diet and nutrition; the role of calories.

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