Keeping Fit When It’s Not Fun

Bailey Saguin, 16, survived cancer and now plays football for Vancouver College.

Originally published in the Vancouver Courier.

Although he always wanted to, Bailey Saguin had never played football.

At the age of nine, he was diagnosed with leukemia and after more than three years of treatment, including chemotherapy, his body was heavy-set, stiff and weak.

A childhood cancer survivor and suddenly a teenager enrolled at Vancouver College, Bailey was as determined as ever to be part of the prestigious Fighting Irish program. It was May 2010 and Bailey had to convince his parents.

“He talked me and my wife into it,” said his father, Julian Saguin.“We were hesitant at first, but who are we to say no to a boy who just survived cancer?”

Now 16, Bailey is a linebacker at Vancouver College and played in the opening varsity game last Friday at O’Hagan Field. It took a lot of work to reach this point. He trained weekly, changed his diet and over the months, shed more than 65 pounds. He also grew and now stands five-foot-seven.

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