Sports Training

youth sports trainingYoung athletes of different sports have different physical goals and demands. We equip young athletes with foundational skill sets that allow them to achieve greater speed, quickness, agility and/or strength whilst reducing the chance of injury. Our youth fitness trainers can help young athletes enhance their multi-directional and multi-planar patterns by focusing on the following:

  • Force production and absorption (jumping, landing, strength)
  • Angles of force (acceleration, deceleration)
  • Movement economy (speed, agility, strength)
  • Correct faulty movement patterns and other potential issues that may cause "energy leaks" or reduced performance
  • Improve strength and neuromuscular coordination through basic strength training
  • Improve mobility and tissue quality – essential components to athleticism

Children ages 10-13 will experience the very best in speed and conditioning to help he/she excel in their given sport and in life. Coach Mike Howard, trainer/coach, youth fitness specialist will guide your youth athlete through the most comprehensive and cutting edge program designed to get the athlete faster, stronger, more agile and injury-proof. Whether your child is a grass, court or ice-based athlete, they will benefit tremendously from coach Mike’s instruction and inspiration.

Through skills, drills and games, children learn to relish the process in an environment that sets them up for success yet makes them earn it.

Individual, small group and team training options available. Click here to inquire.

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